Malizia / Rogo


SALÒ is the child of a new dreamy and decadent Roman Renaissance. A perfect blend of noise music, oniric atmospheres, baroque costumes and performance. After few memorable performances, SALÒ is ready to diffuse a unique scent around the world, combining psychedelic scenarios to mythological symbolism, rituality and rural iconography made of fairy tales and dreams to hypnotic scenes. In Pasolini’s Salò the bishop said “All’s good if it’s excessive”. It’s all finally come true.

Rogo / Malizia is Salò’s first official release: 2 tracks resulting from their research among the Roman popular tradition and the so called “Stornelli”, their immersion in the spiritual world of witches and heretics during the Renaissance and the persecutions of the Church, their deepening into the dark side of the Italian Folklore.
A visionary staging of dark ages like the present one, that evokes the voices of outcasts and heretics, narrating and setting to music Stories and Tales of those who opposed Power and Customs, paying the consequences or remaining voluntarily exiled to the borders of Society.

Edition limited to 100 copies
Hand silkscreened by Legno cover on fabric bag (pink, green/grey, blue, white) + inner 12 pages booklet
Art by Emiliano Maggi

Side A
Side B

Written and performed by Salò,
except Vibrafone on Rogo by Pietro Pompei
Recorded and mixed in Roma at Rocchi Studios during Winter 2021
Mastered by Francesco Pierguidi

  • 7” Vinyl
  • 12
  • EN
  • 2021

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