Julien Carreyn

Voyage à Kastelorizo


After the garden of Les Moulin des Ribes and the enclosed rooms of L’Espace des Arts, this new book by Julien Carreyn presents a series of photographs taken on a small island in the Aegean Sea: Kastelorizo. In September 2021, a community of people from the realms of art, culture, and design gathered here to celebrate the opening of an artists’ residence conceived by La Società delle Api. In these photographs, taken on that occasion, the eye of Julien Carreyn moves beyond these moments of gathering to wander in the streets of Kastelorizo, focusing on hollow spaces encountered along the way. A closed abbey, an exhibition held in a dilapidated house, a ledge lined with lampposts, a sports hall facing an Orthodox church, curtains billowing, a silhouette behind a tree. The photographer-walker allows himself to be enveloped by the silent atmosphere of the island. The sequence reflects these island wanderings, laid bare by its minimalist graphics. Using a concentrated palette of white, red, and blue, the sequences alternate distended rhythms and sudden ellipses.

  • 20,5 x 27 cm
  • 56
  • EN
  • 2024
  • 978-88-8056-247-4