Pier Paolo Pancotto



Today many artists still see Italy or Rome as a source of inspiration, engaging with its history and culture, although neither of the two holds the prominent position it did in the past. Hosted by the Pietro Canonica Museum at Villa Borghese, former home and studio of the Piemontese painter in the early twentieth century, the exhibition series Fortezzuola (2016–2018) features a selected number of international artists in order to highlight the most indicative aspects of this phenomenon. Every time, each artist envisioned a single, large installation that, albeit comprising works that vary according to technique and language, uniformly involved the entire museum. This limited edition mirrors the concept of the exhibition series—in a book format. By utilizing some copies of the museum guidebook and designing it a new dust jacket together with photographic inserts documenting the respective solo or double-solo shows, Fortezzuola reenacts the operation performed by the artists themselves and the relationships they created with the historical context of the museum and the city at large.

Conceived and edited by Pier Paolo Pancotto.

Featured artists: Martin Soto Climent, Alfredo Aceto, Claire Tabouret, Tillman Kaiser, Claire Fontaine, Ciprian Mureșan, Nick Devereux, Benjamin Hirte, Chadwick Rantanen, Denis Savary, Landon Metz, Șerban Savu, Rolf Nowotny.

  • 15×21 cm
  • 120 + 34 photographic inserts
  • EN
  • 2018
  • 978-88-6060-799-7

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