Chiara Camoni

Certain Things


For artist Chiara Camoni, encountering the mystery of creation is a practice as necessary as breathing. Her works link to the basic dimension, where daily life freezes and emerges in autonomous forms. This is the first book to present these works, gathering artworks, writings, and texts commissioned for the occasion—images and voices that, following Chiara’s own way of working, are linked like the stars in a constellation.

Edited by Cecilia Canziani.

Texts by Paola Aringes, Luca Bertolo, Bettina Buck, Chiara Camoni, Cecilia Canziani, Davide Ferri, Ilaria Gianni, Antonio Grulli, Ilaria Mariotti, Arabella Natalini, Silvia Perotti, Stefano Velotti.

  • 15×24 cm
  • 196
  • IT/EN
  • 2017
  • 978-88-97503-59-0

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