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Ten Year Anniversary — Letter L

Poesia Carnosa is an annual festival, proposing since 2010 an opposite concept to classical reading for few bored experts in poetry festivals. It’s about sonorous and multimedia poetry: video, sound and performance.


Marco Cazzella: Extra-ordinary, was Poesia Carnosa born from the violence of light?

Jonida Prifti: The mini festival was born 10 lights ago. The first edition happened in DalVerme’s basement, a place now gone, that lives in the sonorous violence marking words’ pipes. 

From DalVerme to Parola Carnosa, from the worm to the fleshous word. From Rome to London. How did you meet My Dance The Skull?

At the 4th edition, at the letter D, in 2013. During that edition we hosted the sonorous poet Dylan Nyoukis, thanks to the collaboration with MDTS, that since that year marked the beginning of the interaction with a more international scene. The connection happened also thanks to Antonio Tricoli, who put us in contact. Beside Dylan, in that edition one of our guests was sonorous poet, hologram author and experimental director Ludo Mich, a member of the Belgian Fluxus.  

Fanfulla, 17th November 2019. Letter L. Give us a hint of what will happen. 

In this 10th edition, among the participants we will have two absolute international premières: the biography of John Duncan and two films by Seymour Glass. An edition not to be missed. And you, Mr Giuseppe Eismann, what was your first impression of Poesia Carnosa as first experience of collaboration? 

Who’s Giuseppe Eismann? I am Marco Cazzella. The first experience you say? Uhm, I’d say sexy, overwhelming, unbridled. How was it for you to collaborate with My Dance The Skull?

The dance with the skulls keeps on flowing bones in verbovisual varieties and multitudes, in pluridimensional verticalities. 

Jonida if you write these bad words I run away, slash my tongue and I end this once and for all.

There’s no need to cut your tongue off now. Wait to be cut off entirely on Sunday, November 17th.

I was talking about the lash not the sword. I put that aside for this weekend. 

But I am talking about cuts! Who said the lash does not slash? 

Lol Dunno! Maybe Giuseppe Eismann? Who are you? 

Jonida Prifti. What does identity matter anyway? 

I remember you—the festival highlight. You were going around with CIM’s pictures, sipping vodka tonic. What do you answer to those who accuse you to be punk?

I don’t take it as an accusation but as an aesthetic excuse. Regardless, I don’t fancy aesthetic—and other labels.

Do you fancy stockings? 

I love FLESH more.

Jonida Prifti is a poet and performer, born in Berat (Albania) in 1982, she emigrated to Italy (Rome) in 2001. She published several poetry books and critical essays. In 2008, she founded the sonorous poetry duo Acchiappashpirt with musician Stefano Di Trapani. They organize Poesia Carnosa together since 2009.
Marco Cazzella is an Italian curator and artist, founder of the English label My Dance The Skull. His work is inspired by Fluxus iconography, surrealism, psychoanalysis and the lash. He collaborated with Thurston Moore, Bryan Lewis Saunders and Jaap Blonk.