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Have You Ever Imagined a Bridge?

Open call for artists, students, kids, grandmas, uncles, dreamers, architects, workers and visionaries…


A drawing, a model, a collage of a bridge (adaptable to a A3 format 29,7×42). Any kind of bridge one could imagine or remember, a bridge to cross, a bridge to connect, a bridge where to sleep under. A connecting bridge. An ancient bridge or a future one. A bridge of today.

The call PONTE is open for everyone!
Join the big exhibition!


Bring or send your “bridge” before 19 February 2020 and we will put it on a table at the Manifattura Tabacchi. We will examine all the “bridges” and select those we like the most and discuss them together. If your “bridge” will be one of the twenty selected, we will show it publicly.

21 February
Bridge Foundation—take your bridge with you and we will install it together

22 February
Bridge structure—let’s vote and value the bridges

23 February
Cross the bridge, a celebration—Announcement of the selected projects and discussion 

Send your bridge at: Manifattura Tabacchi, via delle Cascine 33 50144 Firenze
Or via mail at: [email protected]

Ponte is a project by Andreas Angelidakis, curated by NERO and Fabio Quaranta, in collaboration with Archivio Personale.