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Twenty years of Teatro India in twenty hours

September 1999. A dismissed factory was being transformed in a theatre that was going to be named India, as the far away splendent continent, disorderly harmonious and spiritual. On September 21st, 2019 India reopens its doors with a re-foundation party to re-invent and share the myth of a place that is coming back to twenty years ago, in order to imagine its upcoming events. We’re really excited for this new beginning and we wish the best of luck to Teatro India for twenty years more to come. 

From 4pm on September 21st until 12am on the 22nd, all the spaces of the theatre will be open and at the full disposal of the audience, that will be able to cross and inhabit them with a renewed intensity, as open and iridescent devices inside which the artists become the hosts of the celebration, connectors between the internal and external, inside and outside, between the theatre and the city. Festa India will be a continuous limitless vortex, in a multiplicity of identities and presences inviting for exchange, proximity, and multiplication within the creative and imaginative forces of the city. 

The theatre spaces will become an imaginary cinema and many dance floors, as well as a space of secret spaces where to invent new cocktails, get a tarot reading by a choreographer, and slip into a temporary camp to listen, sing or wear some makeup, and dance until dawn, and build a multiform stream, so to find a chance to inaugurate new ways of inhabiting the theatre, imagined as the flooding river of a city wishing to re-configure its present with omnivorous determination. 

Giorgio Barberio Corsetti and Francesca Corona, director and artistic consultant of Teatro India

With the participation and contributions by: Cosmic 70, Muta Imago, Federica Santoro, Ilenia Caleo, Bluemotion, Eleonora Danco, Mario Martone, Cesare Pietroiusti, Bartolini/Baronio, lacasadargilla, Matteo Garrone, Salvo Lombardo, Hugo Sanchez, Matteo Angius, teatrodelleapparizioni, Adriana Borriello, Carmine Amoroso, Capibara, Daria Deflorian, Opa Opa aka invasioni balcaniche, Motus, Elisa Amoruso, Attilio Scarpellini, Mike Cooper, Fabio Condemi, Lorenzo Letizia, DOM-, Silvia Calderoni, Angelo Mai, Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, Silvia Rampelli, Ra Di Martino, Roma Non Esiste, Roberta Zanardo, Industria Indipendente, mk, Angela Baraldi, Sharing in Rome, Dj Muf, Graziano Graziani, Merende, Simone Tso, Francesca Corona, Paolo Ruffini, Veronica Cruciani, Monica Stambrini, Lorenzo Bruno and much more.

Dress code: together—Free entrance 

Oceano Indiano at Teatro India


The place of the deep night, to rest and meet in the dream city, to contemplate the night sky, to make some food together, to speak and to address, to occupy a crooked center, to sing and inhabit the outside as if it would be the expansion of our house.    


MERENDE is an oasis of multiple identities which we ought to take care of. A space where you can exist and deserve everything, where music never ends. From 4pm to 4am. 

Music Lineup:
4–6pm | Opening Sound
8–10pm | COSMIC ’70
10–11.30pm | Dj Muf (BNSSR)
11:30–12:30pm | Capibara (live)
12:30pm–1:30am | Bunny Dakota and Stigma Rose (Industria Indipendente)
1:30–3am | OpaOpa (live+ djset)
3–4am | Ending Sound

philosophical counseling
make up
speaking manicure
divinatory activities
about sex and pleasure
massage and body care
editing-messages/impossible letters


The cinema of the anniversary: 20 years of Rome in 15 films non-stop from 4pm to 12am (*silent cinema).

4pm | Edipo, by Mario Martone (2018 – 90’)
6:30pm | L’altro teatro, by Matteo Garrone (2000 – 90’)
8:30pm | Giravolte, by Carola Spadoni (2001 – 78’)
10:30pm | ‘Ncapace, by Eleonora Danco (2015 – 80’)
12pm | Alì ha gli occhi azzurri, by Claudio Giovannesi (2012 – 100’)
2am | Fuoristrada, by Elisa Amoroso (2013 – 70’)
3:30am | Porno e libertà, by Carmine Amoroso (2016 – 78’)
5am | Io sono Valentina Nappi, by Monica Stambrini (2018 – 50’)
6am | The show MAS go on, by Ra di Martino (2014 – 30’)
7am | Le case che eravamo, by Arianna Lodeserto (2018 – 25’)
7:30am | Biondina, Salve Regina, Passing Time
three short movies by Laura Bispuri (2011, 2010, 2010 – 30’)
8:30am | Incompresa, by Asia Argento (2014 – 103’)
10:30am | Linfa, by Carlotta Cerquetti (2018 – 52’)


Some workshops and a garden where to offer and share practices, knowledges and bodily experiences until morning. From 4pm to 9am—obligatory rsvp at the info-point, outside area.

4pm | Niki—breathing and slow movement, with Laura Scarpini (1h)
5:30pm | International sign language, with Fabio Pasquarella (1h30)
7:30pm | Stunt Night, with Federico Benvenuti and Federico Diust (1h)
9pm | Vajra Dance—a moving meditation, with Christiane Rhein, Zhenphenling-International Dzogchen Community (1h)
10:30pm | I wanna be your microphone—the mic as a bodily extension, with Angela Baraldi (1h)
12pm | Yantra Yoga—Tibetan yoga for body and mind synergy and energy, with Fulvio Grosso Zhenphenling-International Dzogchen Community (1h)
1:30am | Trepass/The process—transmission practices, curated by SIR with Marta Olivieri
(accompanied by Vera Borghini and Loredana Canditone) (1h)
3am | Bagno di suono listening session curated by Hugo Sanchez (6h)
9:30am | Tai-Chi with Adriana Borriello (1h, outside)
11am | All’improvviso (suddenly) by and with Fabrizio Pallara teatrodelleapparizioni
(1h, 45’, from 4 years old)


Listening sessions and timeless readings from 4pm to 3am.


The museum of the beginning, from 4pm to 2am and from 10am to 12am.