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NERO explores present and future imaginaries beyond any field of specialization, format or code – as visual arts, music, philosophy, politics, aesthetics or fictional narrations – extensively investigating unconventional perspectives and provocative outlooks to decipher the essence of this ever changing reality.

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Badlands Unlimited (Act 1)

The new series “ ” looks at the forms and roles of publishing as and within artists’ practices

On Saturday, 13 October 2018, at 5 pm, Tenderbooks London hosts the launch of the new book series ” “ (quotation mark quotation mark), with a reading of Badlands Unlimited (Act 1) by Badlands Unlimited, read by Iphgenia Baal, Gareth Bell-Jones, Adam Gibbons, Elsa Gray, Jeremy Hutchison, Amal Khalaf, Joseph Noonan-Ganley, and Eva Wilson

Following an introduction by series editors Adam Gibbons and Eva Wilson together with Amal Khalaf (of the artist collective GCC) we will read issue #5: Badlands Unlimited (Act 1) by Badlands Unlimited with a cast of invited guests:

“Set behind the scenes of an artist-run, New York-based publishing company, the play Badlands Unlimited (Act 1) follows seven characters as they launch an erotic novella, deal with internal conflicts, and imagine the promise and threat of technology between the pages and in our lives.”

The new series ” ” looks at the forms and roles of publishing as and within artists’ practices; hosting conversations with artists who work at the intersection of publishing and exhibition-making, in the realm of circulation, dissemination, spamming, dispersion, print, data, language, infection, fashion, networks, disturbance, myth, parasiting, and infiltration.