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Acusmonium Audior. Courtesy Terraforma Exo.

A Harmonious Future

Terraforma Exo: A journey through sound, art, and environmental consciousness

A cultural phenomenon is set to unfold: Terraforma Exo. Organized by Threes Productions, this event is not merely a gathering; it’s a convergence of minds, a collaborative effort to redefine the way we experience music and engage with our surroundings. Through collaboration with local stalwarts such as Gatto Verde, Hundebiss Records, Slipmode, and Triennale Milano, alongside esteemed European and international partners like CIRCA.ART, the Princess Kira of Prussia Foundation, Shape+, and TIMES, Terraforma Exo forges a complex nexus of interconnected realms, each contributing to a multifaceted exploration of sound and space.

Together, we are paving the way for a harmonious future where art, activism, and community intersect to inspire positive transformation.

Kelman Duran. Courtesy Terraforma Exo.

Collaborative Visionaries

Terraforma Exo embodies a profound connection that transcends social and technological ties, uniting all living beings, the Earth, and our inner selves. This awareness reshapes our perspectives on life, the environment, and our place in the universe, fulfilling an innate longing for meaning.

The festival bridges physical and spiritual dimensions, fostering unity and harmony amidst diversity and chaos. By recognizing humans as integral to a vast, interconnected network, it redefines our cosmic role and emphasizes our responsibility to the environment. Drawing from diverse philosophical and spiritual traditions, it highlights how our thoughts, actions, and energies shape our shared experience and collective responsibility.

Terraforma Exo demonstrates the transformative power of unity. It serves as a beacon for social and environmental change, proving that collective intentions can drive meaningful transformation.

ojoo, © maryan sayd. Courtesy Terraforma Exo.

A Symphony of Collaborations

In the bustling metropolis of Milan, where every street corner tells a story, Triennale Milano stands as a testament to the city’s rich cultural heritage and commitment to avant-garde creativity. As the backdrop for Terraforma Exo, this esteemed institution transforms into a sanctuary of profound connection, where art and sound converge to explore ecological themes. The festival’s diverse program, featuring David Toop’s reflections on environmental sound, Robert Henke’s nostalgic yet futuristic “CBM 8032 AV,” and the immersive sound installation ‘Modular Organ System’ by Phillip Sollmann, Konrad Sprenger, and Max Eilbacher, invites visitors to engage deeply with the acoustic environment. Terraforma Exo transcends conventional boundaries, fostering unity and reshaping our relationship with the Earth, ultimately inspiring transformative change through collective intention.

David Toop, Cafe Oto by Keith de Mendonca. Courtesy Terraforma Exo.

David Toop: A Sonic Journey at Triennale Milano

On the morning of Saturday, June 15th, the Giardino di Triennale will come alive with the innovative sounds of David Toop, a musician, philosopher, and curator whose work resonates deeply with themes of environmental ecology and sonic exploration. 

David Toop’s contributions to music and art are both profound and wide-ranging. At Terraforma Exo, he will introduce his latest project, the reissue of the “Obscure Records” box set, featuring pioneering works by John Cage, Brian Eno, and Toop himself.

I am thrilled to attend this opening event and have the fortune of deepening my understanding of Terraforma Exo through the introductory speech. This unique opportunity allows us to grasp the vision of Threes and the essence of the festival.

Toop’s performance promises a mesmerizing blend of sonic experimentation and philosophical insight, making it an unmissable event for those keen on exploring the intersection of sound, culture, and environment.

Acusmonium Audior. Courtesy Terraforma Exo.

Acusmonium Audior: Elevating Electroacoustic Music

One of the events I’m most excited about at Terraforma Exo is the performance by Acusmonium Audior. Founded by Eraldo Bocca and Dante Tanzi in 2015, this association specializes in acousmatic (electroacoustic) music. Being a member of the Audior association and having experienced the Acusmonium for the first time in 2014 at InnerSpaces events at San Fedele, I highly recommend this performance. It is an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique auditory experience.

At Terraforma Exo, Audior will showcase the AUDIOR acusmonium, featuring over 80 loudspeakers and 50 amplifiers. The curated selection includes works by Bernard Parmegiani, François Bayle, and Pierre Schaeffer, promising a transcendent sonic journey. This performance is not to be missed for anyone interested in the depths of electroacoustic music and sound spatialization.

Tutto Questo Sentire by Marco Ghilardi. Courtesy Terraforma Exo.

TUTTO QUESTO SENTIRE (TQS) presents ‘Landscape’

Founded in 2014 by Olivia Salvadori, Sandro Mussida, and Rebecca Salvadori, TUTTO QUESTO SENTIRE (TQS) explores sound, time, and environment. I had the pleasure of coming into contact with Rebecca Salvadori after the Festival Under The Desert Stars in Morocco in 2019. After that encounter, I delved deeper into her work and discovered the collective TUTTO QUESTO SENTIRE. 

At Terraforma Exo, TQS presents ‘Landscapes’, a dynamic live performance and site-specific installation within Triennale Milano. ‘Landscapes’ features live performances and visuals by Kenichi Iwasa, Akihide Monna, and light artist Charlie Hope. The repertoire includes Mussida’s ‘Albe’ and Salvadori’s ‘Messengers’. I have followed “Messengers” closely, having attended their exhibitions at Marsèll in Milan and the SEEYOUSOUND International Music Film Festival in Turin in early March 2024. As TQS celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2024, their Terraforma Exo presence marks a decade of innovation and collaboration. I highly recommend experiencing their work firsthand for its innovative exploration of sound and environment.

DJ Nobu by Jun Yokoyama. Courtesy Terraforma Exo.

Gatto Verde: A Night of Immersive Exploration

As the live performances at Triennale conclude, Terraforma Exo’s energy shifts to Gatto Verde in southern Milan. The night promises unforgettable performances, headlined by DJ Nobu, whose deep and experimental techno sounds are highly anticipated. Joining him is Ojoo, formerly Ojoo Gyal, whose eclectic mix of dancehall, dub, reggaeton, and grime guarantees to ignite the dance floor. With Livwutang adding their genre-defying sounds to the mix, Gatto Verde promises an unforgettable night of exploration and discovery. It’s an event where the boundaries between sound and art blur, offering an immersive experience that resonates long after the music fades.

Having participated in the launch event of this format back in January 2023, I can wholeheartedly recommend attending. It immediately captured my attention and passion. Moreover, I am proud to see a fellow Moroccan, Ojoo, representing our shared heritage and culture through music.

Sollmann Sprenge Portrait, Jan Höhe. Courtesy Terraforma Exo.

Hundebiss Records: Revitalizing Urban Spaces

As the sun sets on Sunday, June 16, Terraforma Exo reaches its crescendo with a vibrant celebration of music and community at the iconic Teatro Continuo di Burri, curated in collaboration with Hundebiss Records.

Hundebiss Records is not your typical record label. With a reputation for pushing boundaries and challenging norms, they have carved out a niche for themselves in the music industry. This day-long event celebrates the community and inclusivity. With performances by artists like Kelman Duran, Nìdia & Valentina Magaletti, Chima Isaaro and Plethow X, attendees can expect a diverse lineup that reflects the rich tapestry of sounds and cultures that define Milan. 

I’m thrilled to highlight the accessibility of this part of Sunday’s event. By offering it for free, Hundebiss Records is opening the doors wide, inviting everyone to experience the richness of sound and culture that defines Milan. It’s an empowering gesture, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and community engagement in the arts.

Kembra Pfahler, © CIRCA photography by Michael Didyoung. Courtesy Terraforma Exo.

Exploring Soundscapes and Spatial Consciousness with SLIPMODE and HRO

In Milan, two visionary collectives, SLIPMODE and HRO (Hyperscapes Research Office), are partnering with Terraforma Exo to explore urban soundscapes’ ecological and social dimensions through innovative workshops and discussions.

I’m thrilled to announce my personal participation in their workshop, drawing from a similar transformative experience I had back in 2019 at the La Vallée Électrique festival hosted by Melifera Records. This encounter ignited my passion for exploring the intersection of sound, space, and social consciousness.

SLIPMODE and HRO’s joint workshop at Parco Sempione promises to be an enlightening experience, providing a guided auditory journey through Milan’s urban landscapes. It’s not just an opportunity to deepen our understanding of sound’s role in shaping our environment but also a chance to actively engage in fostering ecological and social awareness.

Nabil El Ayane Born in Milan, with Moroccan roots, he's a sound enthusiast. From clubbing to spatialized sound experiences, he explores music's evolution. He frequents festivals like Terraforma, Rewire, Lunchmeat, NODE, MIRA, and Berlin Atonal. He had contributed to Blackn[è]ss Fest II edition (2022) to clubbing panel. Currently collaborating with Fucine Vulcano.