Philippe Malouin

Steel Works


A radical, a brutalist with a minimalist style that is always playful and utilitarian, Canadian designer Philippe Malouin has developed an original practice between craftsmanship, sculpture and industrial design. The designer’s process originates from his experimentation with materials to eventually reach a form and shape of its own. His work stems from broad investigation and testing of “ingredients,” which are molded, shaped, and handcrafted, and almost by chance, they become visually compelling objects and products for everyday use.

On the occasion of his solo show at The Breeder (Athens, 2021), while spending time in scrapyards from the UK to Greece, Malouin got particularly interested in salvaged steel. Borrowing the Dadaist technique of “cutting out,” the materials were cut out and reassembled according to a surprising formal language. 35 objects – seats, tables, coffee tables, lamps, etc. – came to life to achieve new forms without using anything new. The publication discloses Maluoin’s “design by making” approach, documenting his creative process from the early experimentation to the final shape.

With an interview by Felix Burrichter and Drew Zeiba to Philippe Malouin, critical essays by Maria Cristina Didero and Sophie Lovell and further documentary material.

  • 12 x 24 cm
  • 135
  • EN
  • 2023
  • 978-88-8056-179-8