Barbara Brondi, Marco Rainò

Roberto Sironi: Encoded Symbols


This book is dedicated to the work of Roberto Sironi, as part of a series of monographs on the thought and work of young contemporary designers. The activity of the Italian designer unfolds through highly symbolic projects, based on his personal interest in anthropology and ethnology.

For Sironi, the history of technology indelibly marks the course of human evolution and affects its different modes of cultural expression. Across fine arts and applied arts, between analogue actions and digital computations, his work brings design to an original stage of manifestation, where conceptual vision intersects with a quasi ritualistic ability to materially manipulate.

Illustrated by a rich photographic series, the book presents the results of Sironi’s creative thought through some selected projects; written by Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò, the volume recounts the experience of the Design Residency inspired by the theme “Encoded Symbols” Sironi has been the protagonist of, which is part of the broader project IN Residence, a research program dedicated to design that has elaborated new reflections in the field of education and training, as well as in the support and promotion of creative talent, through an intense and recognized activity.

The book Roberto Sironi: Encoded Symbols is published along with another volume of the same series dedicated to the work of Marcin Rusak.

As creators and curators of the IN Residence program, Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò are interested in experimentation through project practice, theoretical research and critical-curatorial reflection. Architects, they are the founders of BRH+, a design studio dedicated to the development and investigation around interdisciplinary architectural practice.

  • 17 x 24 cm
  • 128
  • IT / EN
  • 2020
  • 978-88-8056-090-6