Joseph Kosuth

Neon in Contextual Play: Joseph Kosuth and Arte Povera


A companion to his previous book, Colour in Contextual Play, Joseph Kosuth’s Neon in Contextual Play continues the artist’s investigation of the interplay between language and reality, words and objects, color and light. Within these pairings, early neon works by Kosuth interact with those by Arte Povera artists who also used the industrial medium.

Conceived and designed by Joseph Kosuth.

Edited and produced by Mira Dimitrova.

With texts by Joseph Kosuth, Cornelia Lauf, and Davide Mazzoleni.

  • 21.5×26.5 cm + leporello
  • 60
  • IT/EN
  • 2017
  • 978-88-8056-020-3