Giulia Piscitelli



When we use the term ‘manufacture’, we usually refer to a whole series of jobs and labour, whether executed by hand or machine, a process by which primary material is transformed into an object for consumption. At the same time, ‘manufacture’ is also the location in which a range of processes take place for the transformation of this material. For Giulia Piscitelli, ‘Manufactures’ contains these two meanings simultaneously: the daily creative process effected with the use of “common” materials and by way of “ingenious” but ultimately “elementary” methods; but also the site of production itself, which coincides with a domestic dimension in which art becomes an everyday object.

This volume borrows from a textbook for technical education used in high schools, and which the artist herself used, by means of which the artist’s entire corpus is explicated, from her beginnings through to today.

By way of this fascinating and novel overlapping approach, the artist narrates the ontogenesis of her work, revealing biographical elements that have had a strong influence on her artistic production. The volume intends to evoke her working method: poetic and artisanal but to a certain extent also political, in the moment that art returns to reality, to simple hand-made gestures, to unexpected, authentic solutions that contain an undeniable power to change the ordinary course of events.

  • 17 x 24 cm
  • 256
  • DE / EN
  • 2020
  • 978-88-8056-0086-9