Jacopo Benassi



FAGS is a photo book by Jacopo Benassi. It brings together images in which the artist portrays and documents his own intimacy over a 25-year period, from the day he announced his homosexuality: a human journey comprising meetings that have left an indelible sign on his personal story as an artist.

Published on occasion of the exhibition Jacopo Benassi: Vuoto at the Centro Pecci, FAGS is a rare and intimate artistic project, that revolves around issues of gender, the body and self-portrait: a voyeuristic journey into sexuality, far from any stereotypes, communicated through the author’s obsessions and self-representations.

The book (bilingual: English-Italian) includes a dialogue between Jacopo Benassi and Elena Magini, analysing the genesis and mood of the project, contextualizing it within the photographer’s artistic project.

As part of a fundraising initiative to support the Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci, you can now purchase a photograph from the FAGS series at the price of €150 – together with the photo book.

The photograph measures 15×21 cm, fine art print on matt cotton paper, 100 signed copies.

  • 15 x 21 cm
  • 2020