Tyler Coburn, Adam Gibbons

“ ” #6 Tyler Coburn in conversation with Adam Gibbons


In the autumn of 2017, Tyler Coburn and Adam Gibbons began a conversation about Ergonomic Futures, Coburn’s furniture for humans to come. What unfolded is a chimera: a hybrid, at once mythic and mundane, of a parasite, an institution, a brisk back-and-forth, a protracted exchange, a monster, a factory, two monologues, many emails — a text assembled amid births and passings, across countries and time zones, and in the minutes claimed between jobs.

Edited by Adam Gibbons and Eva Wilson, “ ” (quotation mark quotation mark) is a series of books that looks at the forms and roles of publishing as and within artists’ practices. Each issue initiates a dialogue with an artist or artist group, through which a body of work is introduced. The series hosts conversations with artists who work at the intersection of publishing and exhibition-making: through circulation, dissemination, spamming, dispersion, print, data, language, myth, parasiting and infiltration.

  • 10.5×15.8 cm
  • 72
  • EN
  • 2019
  • 978-88-8056-078-4